Lodge West Vacation Guesthouse
 Lodge West Vacation Guesthouse

Reservation Details

Reservation & Agreement Additional location information will be provided after booking confirmation.  


To avoid extra fees you may contact owners directly for reservations.


Confirmation will entail printing out and completing this agreement and mailing it to the owner along with deposit/payment to confirm the reservation.


Reservation may also be made & confirmed through

                Home Away - Listing  # 3611954.   or

                VRBO - Listing # 1397509




Contact Us Today!

 Lodge West Vacation 

Long Valley Ranch Area
Atascadero, CA 93423

Owners: Gary & Linda Keltz

Phone:   1 - 805-466-5166    or

                1 - 805-423-2299 (cell)

E-mail: lodgewest1@gmail.com