Lodge West Vacation Guest House
 Lodge West Vacation Guest House


Lodge West Vacation Guest House offers competitive rates all season.

We make your dream vacation affordable.  

                                                         Main   Lodge 

All Season   -  Vrbo Listing Number 3611954

3 Nite Min Stay - Occupancy Limit Total -  11  Adults & Kids

  8 sleep in beds, however per Fire Regulations up to 11 guests  may stay overnight    No Pets / No Smoking

       Rental Fee (Occupancy tax is included)

       Administrative Fee

       Occupancy Tax

       Extra Guest (any number over 8) Fee is per guest per nite   

       Maintenence & Cleaning Fee / Stay

4 Bedrooms/3 Bath



$   800.00 / Nite 

$    200.00 /Stay

Included in Rate

$        25.00/Nite

$    375.00 / Stay

Additional Fee During Peak Season  (May be applicable )        Pool Fee (June-September)

       Hot Tub Fee (October-May)





                                           Main  Lodge   &   Casita

All Season  -  Vrbo Listing Number 1397509

3 nite Min  stay - Occupancy Limit Total - 14  Adults & Kids

   10 sleep in beds, however per Fire Regulations up to 14 guests  may stay overnight

       No Pets / No Smoking

            Rental Fee

            Administrative Fee

            Occupancy Tax

            Extra Guest (any number over 10) Fee is per guest per nite

            Maintenance & Cleaning Fee/Stay

5 Bedrooms/4Bath




$    950.00/Nite

$    200.00/Stay

Included in Rate

$        25.00/Nite 

$      475.00/Stay

Additional  Fees  During  Peak  Season (May be applicable ) 

           Pool Fee (June-September)

           Hot Tub (October-May)






For Reservations go to Vrbo.com 

    Listing # 3611954 is the Lodge Only with 4 Bedrooms and 3 Bathrooms

         If you are renting Only the Lodge you will have the property all to yourselves as we do not

                         rent to more than one set of guests at a time     

    Listing # 1397509 is the Lodge & Casita with 5 Bedrooms & 4 Bathrooms

By  Phone

For Questions regarding the home or area call:      

           1-805-466-5166  or  1-805-423-2299 (cell)


Please make your reservations online at Vrbo.com


Contact Us Today!

 Lodge West Vacation 

       Guest House 
Long Valley Ranch Area
Atascadero, CA  93422

Owners: Gary & Linda Keltz

  Phone:   1 - 805-466-5166    or

                1 - 805-423-2299 (cell)



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